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Find a team

Play with fellow World of Warcraft Gladiators or simply run a few casual Ranked 5s games in League of Legends - Teamfind's filters help you find awesome people based on your accomplishments and your goals.

Filter for what you want

We help you match up with teams and players that fit exactly what you want - search by ratings, roles, classes, and champions.

People you can actually like

Use Teamfind's reputation system to track people you enjoy playing with. Join teams that are highly-voted. Recruit players that have been upvoted by others.

No bluffing

We pull data about everyone's profiles directly from WoW and LoL, so you don't have to worry about people padding their experience.

Join a growing community

Teamfind's community of 124,293 members provides you with plenty of people to play with

Earn your ratings

You don't have to deal with shady services that promise you the world. Earn your accomplishments with an awesome group.